23 June 2009

Fans and Art!

I love fans. I love finding fans in the most unexpected places. I got treated again this week.

One of my husband's buddies invited us up to dinner. I got just enough forewarning to throw some books and promo gear in a bag before I left. It seems his neighbor is an avid paranormal romance fan. She was discussing books with my husband's friend (we'll call him Dean), and she started mentioning the usual line-up...Feehan, Kenyon... Dean, being a smart-Alec and not really expecting her to know my name...asked. The minute her eyes lit up and she started talking about my books, he knew he was in over his head, because he's not one of my readers.

She didn't know whether to believe him or not, when Dean said I come to dinner at his house. Now she knows. It's a small world, and you never know who is going to know your name.

And now...sneak peek!
Kendra Egert has created the covers for the Night Warriors Beast books. GORGEOUS stuff! Bearing Armen is releasing at the beginning of July. After that, it's Crossbearer Turned in August and Losing Regana in the fall.

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