04 June 2009

News Update- New release and review

First up, there's the May 31st release (I know...I was doing galleys and didn't have time for a full update...mea culpa) of TIME CURRENTS from Logical-Lust! This is the second installment in the Kielan series (a Kegin spin-off world).

TIME CURRENTS- Lord Sevryn is home for a visit with his intemperate mother and spoiled siblings. Between rants about lowborns, courtesy of his mother, Sev makes a wondrous discovery; one of the maids his mother hired in his absence is his Goddess-destined soulmate.

Or is she? Bettina is his soulmate, to be sure, but otherwise she's not what she seems. Her reasons for avoiding Sev are complicated. Mates don't hide things from one another, and there is a lot Bettina is hiding. For one thing, she's not lowborn. Raised in the lap of luxury, she decided to run rather than embrace a power that threatens her mind and heart.

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HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic

Cover art property of Brenna Lyons.

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"This book starts off as a continuation of the first book, with none of the history given like in most series, so this is one of those series you have to read in order to understand the deeper level of the story being told. From the first sentence to the end of the story, it will put its hook into and not let you go. There is so much going on, yet it all fits within the confines of the story. The world-building is excellent and it feels so big yet the author contains in 80k words. The lore in the story is totally believable. Great characters and great fight scenes make this a great paranormal read. The love scenes are told in loving detail. Seriously, do not let this one pass you by!"

Reviewed by Acquanetta Ferguson for San Diego Erotica Books Examiner 5 stars "Highly recommended buy!"

WILL OF THE STONE (formerly titled KÖNIG CURSEBREAKERS)- The NIGHT WARRIORS saga continues with the tale of Hunter Crossbearer-König and his sister, Erin. Pursued from the moment her curse strikes her, Erin is wanted as mate by the last beast elder, Lorian, and every warrior who hopes to be the next Lord König. Meanwhile, the only man Erin would submit to isn't interested in the job...or is he? With König established as the house of Blutjagdfrau, Hunter is relegated to running Crossbearer in his father's place. Can he convince his chosen mate that the stone is not to be denied? Sarah, the warrior's most powerful human sensitive, is wanted by Lorian just as Erin is. Can the two women, together with Hunter's son and the ancient stone, do the impossible and free the last elder?
HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-high moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-highly sensual

Cover art created by Kendra Egert- Photo credit to Andrei Vishnyakov

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Last but not least, it looks like I may have a new contract to sign. What?! Another one? Yes. Another one. If all goes well, it looks like Loose-Id is signing another novella from me. Fingers crossed.

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