29 June 2009

Survey time...please pass along!

The market is changing, and organizations who serve authors and aspiring authors have to keep a finger on the pulse of those they serve to properly address their concerns. In addition, publishers can benefit from knowing what authors look for and what they want...where they might flex and gain a wider submitting population.

Fifteen years ago, indie publishers that did e-books or e-books and print both were few and far between. The NY conglomerate model was what every author wanted in publishing. It met all of their goals, and it was stable. Now, well into the second stable growth cycle of e-publishing and with established, traditional royalty-paying indie presses, the expectations of authors are shifting...or so we believe.

The results of this survey will be promoted by EPIC, used to show the national writer's organizations (RWA, SFWA, MWA and so forth) what authors really want from a contract today, and may be included in industry articles. No survey of its type has been done in recent memory, which means we can gain unique knowledge from it.

Thanks for taking part. Please, pass it along!

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