14 August 2009

New contracts and more!

What a day! I got a ton of great news from Phaze yesterday.

First thing, I signed two new contracts. The Bride Ball series signed to Phaze. They're urbanized fairy tales, loosely based on the Cinderella story. Here's a little peek at what's coming at the beginning of 2010.

Bride Ball- Welcome to Lenvia, where the young prince has been given a year to choose a wife or have one chosen for him. Hoping for a desperate family to send an innocent into the fray, Edward arranges a series of Bride Balls--outrageous sexual events--and a willing decoy in his bid to find someone who loves him for himself and not his crown. Enter Amber, daughter of a dead lord on his beloved mistress, a servant in her own household. When her irrepressible grandmother pushes her to find a husband or lover to protect her from the wrath of her step-mother, Amber loses more than her virginity...but it’s not a glass slipper that the prince has to track her with. The race is on. Before these two are through, more than one couple may find their way through the traps of poison, lies, and no-win choices forged at a long ago Bride Ball and left to fester through two generations of the royal family.

HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-mild, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic

Signed to Phaze and releasing Jan 11, 2010!

Bride Ball II: Poison, Lies, and No-Win Choices- Once upon a time, before Edward met Amber and Darren met Kambry, there was a Bride Ball...the night that started it all. It all began with a prank gone wrong, an aphrodisiac delivered to the wrong person. It escalated into a punishment that caught two innocents in the web of deceit. Before the night is over, one man will be unjustly accused of crimes even he can't be sure he didn't commit, and one woman will be ostracized from society. Can anything make this right again?

HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic

WARNING: Contains sexual situations that may upset some readers.

Signed to Phaze and releasing Mar 1, 2010!

I have three other submissions in at Phaze, so I may have more news about releases in 2010 from them.

In addition, I have a release date for Veriel's Tales II: Losing Regana...Nov 16th. The first half, Veriel's Tales: Crossbearer Turned, will be releasing the 17th of this month.

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