05 August 2009

UPDATE-New releases, covers, and contracts

I woke up to a lot of good news this morning. Time for sharing!

First of all, I have two new releases up in e-book from Under The Moon. Max Sec is the third Renegades series book, and With Great Power is the first Grellan War series book. Both will be releasing in print in about three months.

At the moment, I only have the thumbnails. Check my site tomorrow for the full-size covers. But, isn't the cover for With Great Power excellent?

And I'm signing a new contract today. Foundling, from my Instinct series, will be included in Coming Together: Into the Light. This is my third foray into Coming Together anthologies. These charity anthologies always benefit a special cause. Into the Light will benefit V-Day, which fights violence against women. This book will release in 2010, in both e-book and print, from Phaze!

Oh...and last but not least, I have new cover art. This is for my story NEVERMORE, releasing Sept 19th from Phaze!

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