24 August 2009

New reviews in this week!

"Night Warriors bursts with action, drama, suspense, and passion from the time you first meet Corwyn Hunter and Anna. I can’t say it enough, and I’m always delighted and amazed. Brenna Lyons is formidable in the art of world building and storytelling. This novel delivers and carries its own creative weight, where the contemporary world meets Teutonic legend. This is not just a tale where a mocking Stone god uses Warriors as weapons against blood drinking monsters; this is about change, never-ending love, family, and devotion. The best part is how change comes to the Warriors in the most unexpected way and gives new meaning to the old saying that behind every great man is a great woman. I wasn’t certain of what to expect from Night Warriors after reading the Kegin series novels. While I can say afterwards there is no comparison, this is yet another excellent and outstanding work by a prolific and formidable author whose dedication and talent is reflected in her writing. "

Reviewed by Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed


"It’s always a pleasure to read the historical tales of Kegin. Culdan is honorable, hot-blooded and tender when it comes down Meretta. Yet, you get a full frontal view of just how vicious and unyielding a Warlord can be over his claimed mate if anyone threatens her in anyone way through word, thought or deed. Conquest is an intense, steamy and tantalizing drama that explores the complexity of Keen relationships in those earlier, turbulent times. Bring your cold drink and turn up the fan for this one."

Reviewed by Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed

"I enjoyed The Color of Love. I found it totally understandable that [Grace is] reluctant to give Michael another chance. Michael knows he was wrong and desperately hopes for one more chance with her to try to rekindle their love. I like the way he woos Grace and allows her to make up her own mind. I enjoyed how the ring reflects Grace’s various moods throughout this short story. Brenna Lyons gave me quite an education about mood rings, making me want to wear the one I know I have hidden away in my jewelry box! "

Reviewed by Victoria for Two Lips Reviews 4 Lips!


"Very successfully done! We Shall Live Again was a very entertaining read. At first I thought the title might be just a bit misleading until I got a little deeper into the story. Yes, the characters were realistic when it came to the research into archeology. The mental pictures Brenna Lyons evoked for this reader were very impressive. The artistic skill catapulted me into the story right along with Anna into a dream realm. There was intense and believable suspense that nicely combined with the romance. "

Reviewed by Wanda Maynard for The Romance Studio 4.5 Hearts!

"I really loved this Armen and Dangerous. James is such a sweetheart and it's a joy to see how he wins the heart of Beth. How much he adores the girls is simply heart-melting. Heart of a Warrior: Hot, intense read. Melissa and Mack's love story is moving and sizzling at the same time. The Blade Chaser's Son: This story was sexy, touching and bittersweet. The Warrior's Widow: This story felt a bit weak in comparison to the other stories. Mostly because it seemed that Alyssa spent a good deal of the story being afraid and it was never quite explained fully what exactly was wrong with Tom. Daddy’s Little Girl was short, sweet, and sizzling. This story was the perfect way to wrap up the collection. In conclusion, I'd definitely love to read more about the Night Warriors. However, I do sometimes think that the whole concept of having one mate and the mating madness is a bit overdone. Nonetheless, these are still stunning stories with memorable characters and page-turning plots."

Reviewed by Kyraninse for Night Owl Romance 4.25 Hearts!

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