17 September 2008

fingers crossed for me

It's been a big week around here, and I could use all the positive thoughts I can get.

First, an agent I've been talking to for a couple of years (but who wanted something NOT connected to my 17 established worlds from me) has handed a submission packet from me off to one of her associates to evalutate. I haven't tried this in a long time, not since I was an unpublished author. This is HUGE step for me, one that has been a long time coming, but I kept putting off to get connected series going in indie. I'll probably never leave indie press, but I've always wanted to broaden my audience to NY, as well.

Next? The SAME day as that news came through, the Senior Editor over at LooseID requested the full on a novella I'd submitted to them. I love the thrill of a new editor, acquisitions or not. There's something life affirming about the entire thing.

And, I got my ARCs for CATCH ME, IF YOU CAN. In addition to the e-book release of this title through Mojocastle's UTM distribution ($2.50) and the anticipated print release of the full anthology of Urban Grimms from me (ONCE UPON A TIME, TOMORROW) from Under the Moon in 2009, there will also be a print release from UTM of the novella-lenth story alone, to conincide with the e-book release ($3.50). The print of it looks spectacular! I just returned my galley corrections on it to Terri and Sam. Can't wait!

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