02 September 2008

UPDATE from Brenna

It's been an interesting week, all the way around! Energizing, sometimes frustrating, but interesting.

You might remember that LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE (my re-release of the original title plus SECOND SON, which is now included in the novel) took #1 bestseller for Phaze in July. The August bestsellers are posted. LCFL is still #9, and FATES MAGIC (a new world for me) is #15. At Fictionwise today, FATES MAGIC is #7 bestseller for Phaze, and LCFL is #8. And, a friend passed along that LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE was in the site-wide bestsellers on ereader.com a few weeks back. I'm sorry I missed that one! As always, the readers put me there by reading my work. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. At least, the reviews so far say you are.

Other news?
RITES OF MATING (Kegin EBL book 2) is on track to release next week. Can't wait to see it up there!

My cover for THE LADY'S LOWBORN LOVER was accepted by Logical-Lust. For the first time (with a publisher...I'll discount my learning experiences with self-publishing) I'm both author and cover artist of a book. I'm already working on the stories and covers for future Kielan books.

Kielan is a new world for my readers, but it's connected to a favorite series of mine. In the Kegin books, I talk about the Council of Worlds. There are three humanoid races on the Council: the Keen, the Kielan, and the Wolkin. I'm currently writing in all three of those worlds. Look for more from all of them in coming months and years!

And stand by. Book six of Kegin brings the other two races to Kegin!

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