03 September 2008


It's always great to have a productive day. Yesterday, despite all of the interruptions (and there were many) was such a day.

I'd like to claim that getting the art sheet off to my new cover artist was the most productive thing I did. I'd be lying, though it's always hard work to do a good job on an art sheet. Maybe that's why I always get such great covers...because I do take that time?

I'd like to claim that writing 5000 words in the Kegin world was the most productive part. It's not bad, but it was one of those days I can do it on autopilot, so it didn't feel productive, while I was getting the work done.

The edits I did on the first of the Urban Grimm stories were much more effort and felt much more rewarding, simply because the added storyline pieces were SO intense. But, it still wasn't what made me feel like I was being most productive, which should shock me. It doesn't, because what makes you feel most productive isn't always a rational thing.

So, what did make me feel most productive? Getting my EPPIE entries in, believe it or not. Don't ask me why that is. I only have three entries this year, which is a very meager year for me. There's only been one year where I had less to enter, in the last 5 years, and I've entered as many as 13 eligible books out of a possible 20 in one mad year.

Still, getting the forms filled out, the money sent, the short taken from the anthology formatted and converted for the contest, and sending all the files off... That made me feel productive. Did I already mention that the psyche makes no sense some days? You write 6000 new words, between two projects, and do edits...and you feel more productive filling out forms and renaming files? The mind definitely doesn't make much sense.

For more information on the EPPIE and QUASAR awards (which I'll have an entry for next year), visit EPIC's blog or site!

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