03 December 2008

More AWARD news

The REC is a reader-voted award. Many of the usual suspects were nominated and took awards.

For instance, Sherrilyn Kenyon took best erotic paranormal author of the year, best erotic (I know...she's sensual, but this year, there was no sensual in REC, so people were nominating sensual authors and books in erotic, and we all sort of rolled with it) paranormal novel of the year, best erotic paranormal female character, and best erotic paranormal male character. You can probably guess that the male character and novel were for Acheron. The best female, which I personally agree with, was for Xephera.

Back to the subject... So, Sherrilyn took four. Christine Feehan took one (best erotic romance paranomral seduction scene for Nicholas and Lara in Dark Curse).

I took one! In THAT kind of company, I took best erotic romance paranormal sex scene for Ondrea and Kieran from FATES MAGIC!

In addition, I came in a close second in several categories, but considering who won, I'm not ashamed at all to lose to these people!

I'm not sure if there's an icon for the award. If there is, I'll post it later.


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