21 December 2008


Mundania and Phaze are holding their sales this week.

For 25% off on all Mundania books, just put in the coupon code SANTA!

Phaze's sale is their third annual ONE-DAY sale. For 5o% off on Christmas Day ONLY, put in the coupon code FESTIVE!

Now is a great time to get those Mundania and Phaze titles you've been wanting.

What Brenna Lyons books are included in the sales?

Fairy Dreams (dan Aidan Fairies book one)

Black Sail (Mythos collection)
Enslaved (Blood Mages series)
Fates Magic (Fate War series)
Mama's Tales (Naughty Nursery Rhymes collection)
The Color of Love (contemp sensual romance...Christmas themed)
We Shall Live Again (paranormal erotic romance)
Coming Together: Under Fire, including "The Fire God's Woman" (paranormal erotic romance)
The Last of Fion's Daughters (Kegin legends)
Conquest (Kegin legends)
Last Chance for Love (Kegin book 1)
Rites of Mating (Kegin book 2)
In Her Ladyship's Service (Kegin book 2.5)

Happy holidays from Mundania, Phaze and Brenna!


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