21 December 2008

taking stock and something to think about

At the end of the year, we tend to take stock. I've accomplished almost everything I set out to PLUS a bunch more I hadn't seen coming a year ago. I'm sure everyone has successes to share. Here are mine...

12 releases, which included:
5 reprints and 7 new works
8 in both print and e-book and 4 in e-book only

EPPIE finalist 2009 for "The Fire God's Woman" in COMING TOGETHER: UNDER FIRE

Signed 24 new contracts, between 4 companies, one a new company to me.

I've also been offered an RPG deal for one of my series worlds, and I'm working with the number crunchers to create a working system for it that stays true to the books.

Something to think about? I got to musing this morning, and I ended up with this
blog post .


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