01 December 2008


Since we have so many paranormal readers in here...

From Dec 1 through 21, the Paranormal Christmas Scavenger Hunt will be going on. Three lucky winners will be gifted baskets of goodies (including paranormal books) cobbled together from the 24 participating authors. To play, all you have to do is visit the participating authors' sites and find the contest icon there, then send the full list of URLs/pages that the icons are on for each author to the contest address! Only where not prohibited by law, of course.

And stand by to win even more in the IWOFA contest. From Dec 15-31, Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors will be running a slightly different scavenger hunt. Each author will have icons that mark the pages containing answers to trivia questions. Find the icons, answer the questions and be entered to win big!

Happy Holidays!

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