29 December 2008

Now THAT is what I'm talking about...representative cover art

No. Not my own today. But, I'm talking about how important representative cover art is to books and authors.

Now, everyone knows I love 90% of my covers. I adore when cover artists can give me a tie-together look for an entire series. But, who else is doing it right?

Logical-Lust has a great cover for Zetta Brown's Messalina: Devourer of Men. If this doesn't say sassy, I don't know what does.

When looking at a branding issue, I've discovered a series from Annette Blair that has seriously caught my eye. This is a fine example of a group of covers that undeniably belong together. In addition, they speak highly of a fun read. Can't wait to try them out!

Other covers that fit really well for their books?

So...what do you think? In the age of online shopping, does the cover still play a role in book-selling?

I think it does. The reasons we stop and read more are still the same as they were when browsing the book store...cover art, title, blurb and excerpt. Those being the top four selling cues for decades, they seem to have made the jump from print to electrons, right along with the books.


Zetta Brown said...

Hi Brenna!
Thanks for the compliment! I LOVE my book cover. Helen Madden really knocked one out of the park with it IMO. Now, I must say the last cover in your post is v.v. clever. Speaking as a person who has answered her share of personal ads...I'm intrigued! LOL

Zetta Brown said...

Thanks for the compliment, Brenna! I LOVE my book cover. Helen Madden really knocked one out of the park with this one because the cover ties in with the comic book/animation theme in the plot. Now, speaking as someone who has answered her share of personal ads, that last book cover has me intrigued! Gotta check it out!

BrennaLyons said...

Jeff Strand is a jewel, isn't he? His covers let you know, without a doubt, that you are going to have a great ride.