19 January 2010

5 Cherries for TYGERS!

"Tygers is a hard hitting psychological thriller with an amazing array of characters, plot and drama. The paranormal twist is as devious and sinister as any intrigue lover could wish. When the book started, I was a bit confused because there are a lot of people being introduced and it seemed awfully busy. There’s a reason for that and it gradually becomes clear as the story progresses. If you remember the original series, Star Trek, and the reference to the Red Shirts, then you will understand what to expect. You just won’t know who or when or -- and this is the creepy part -- how. The conflict is bizarre, nefarious, evil and downright nasty. Because Ms. Lyons wove the intrigue, the clues and the hints of truth throughout the book, I don’t feel right in discussing it in a review. You are going to have to wade through the emotion, the shocks and the diabolical conspiracy like I did. When all is revealed, you’ll get that ‘Wow, that was freaky!’ moment too. And be glad it’s only fiction. When Katie and Keith do get together, I mean this story does have a wonderful and complete happy ever after, they are smokin’ hot. Ms. Lyons peppers Tygers with an amazing cast of secondary characters that rivals any Hollywood script. Every person plays a role, serves a purpose and forwards the plot movement with nothing wasted or gratuitous. It’s a well crafted tale, with dialogue and descriptives worthy of high praise. I would greatly recommend Tygers to any reader who seeks a book which encompasses intense plot and intelligence, suspense, passionate characters, mystery and a unique paranormal element to sweeten the pot."

Reviewed by Xeranthemum for Whipped Cream Reviews 5 Cherries!

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Congratulations on such a great review Brenna!