25 January 2010


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Story: 8.5*
Presentation: 9*
Total: 17.5

What little girl didn't love the story about Cinderella when she was young? Well, now as grown women we can have our own version....an adult version :) Good characters, great bad guys (err girls), super sex and a great spin on the classic tale......with some extra thrown in there. I enjoyed all three parts in this book and have to say that the way the author gave them to us was cool. All angles were covered and I didn't feel like I was being left in the dark. Congrats Ms Lyons, on a job well done. I can't wait to read more from you :)


Story Rating Scale – reflects the quality of the story
10 – Perfection!
9 – Lifetime Keeper to be read and reread.
8 – Excellent, solid storytelling. A book you can’t put down.

Presentation Rating Scale – reflects the quality of the publisher
9-10 – Cover, editing and overall book is spectacular

Wahoo! And a big thank you to Seriously Reviewed.


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