27 January 2010

NEW REVIEW in on Bride Ball!

New review in!

"Love, love, LOVE this story! The story flew towards the eminently and wholly satisfying end and it was a perfect length. It was also a much deeper, richer and very involving story than I had expected. Brenna Lyons is a multi-published author whose books I’d not been acquainted with, an oversight very quickly to be rectified! Bride Ball is, first and foremost, a riveting romance and it is also an extremely well-told story of greed, manipulation and, in some cases, almost obscene machinations. That’s due to a couple of quite evilly wicked, rather than delightfully wicked, characters. I actually read this book straight through ~ thank heavens I didn’t have any commitments ‘cause I would have totally ignored them in my quest to devour this wonderfully sexy and beautifully heart-warming story. If you’ve never read anything by Brenna Lyons I would suggest that this is an excellent book with which to start your acquaintanceship. If you are a fan of Ms. Lyons then you have probably already read Bride Ball. And I congratulate you!"

Reviewed by Kathy K. for Ebook Addict

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