14 January 2010


Joyfully Reviewed

"I enjoyed the very modern flavor since it didn’t detract from anything. It allowed for sly humor and sexually charged scenes within the plot. Ellie is a contemporary heroine which means she’s clever, uninhibited, strong-willed, and not a doormat for her nasty step relations. The hot-blooded detective took me by surprise admittedly, while catering to all the men-in-uniform fantasies. Ellie’s fairy godfathers are marvelous! Angus, Marcus, and Liam are mystery, mayhem, and miraculous. Ms. Lyons does a superb job at not clumping them together by developing unique characteristics for each one.

"There’s loads of fun times, adult humor, and it goes without saying, sparkles. Who can resist sparkles, I ask you? The darker elements aren’t down played either. The Grimm stories were never intended for children, so you don’t escape the more gruesome and violent aspects. The approach is sophisticated, mirroring the criminalities of what you might see in the local paper. Questions and answers surround the pursuit of true happiness; it comes down to how our choices affect us, the future and our children. As a featured mainstay in the narrative, it reminds us of the price we pay for selfishness and for dismissing the gifts of love and sacrifice. This delightful gem gets top marks for presentation, originality, and chocolate-lava-cake-devilish-yumminess!"


Whipped Cream

"Conquering the lost lover/spouse/partner theme without teetering too far into the darker, more despondent undertones is tricky. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to fall for the current hero and/or heroine if they are overshadowed by a shadow lingering in the pages. Fortunately, author Brenna Lyons has combined acceptance and loss, creating a stable place for the protagonists to come together and move forward with their lives.
Align CenterIt’s apparent that both David and Robin loved Zach – his brother and her fiancĂ©e – but instead of being something they can’t move past, it’s written so that you ache with them – not necessarily for them. The chemistry between Robin and David is burn-the-tips-of-your-fingers hot, and sex scenes will have you melting in the reading chair. I love Ms. Lyons style of writing, as well as her ability to bring emotion to the page – even as she kicks up the heat. Don’t miss this engaging and thoroughly enjoyable read. Be sure to put All I Want For Christmas Is You on your TBR list."
Reviewed by Fern for Whipped Cream Reviews 4.5 Cherries!

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