04 January 2010

New Reviews!

4.5 tombstones from Bitten by Books for Night Warriors!

"Brenna Lyons has created an amazing world of Warriors who keep the humans safe from the vampire Beasts. This tale produced the full range of emotions from laughter to heartbreak, then from heartwarming to fearful. I found it an emotional ride from start to finish that was thoroughly developed with rich details of the history behind the story. I would love to read more of the great Warriors and their missions to rid the world of the vampire Beasts."

5 Tombstones from Bitten by Books for Will of the Stone!

"When a reviewer asks to read more of a series in a review, it is sometimes not a possibility, but I am very glad that I was privileged enough to read more of the Warriors that Ms. Lyons so brilliantly brought to life in Night Warriors. This book was a pulse-pounding ride through the lives of two young siblings propelled to their own destinies. This book was full of action and adventure. I liked this sequel just a bit more than the first as it allowed us to see the depth of the characters and emotions rather than just feel for the loses they sustained."

Thank you to Bitten by Books! You've made my day!

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