30 January 2010

FREE books and 50% off further sales!

Last Chance for Love (book one of Kegin) and Night Warriors (book one of the series) are BOTH FREE until tomorrow night. So, be sure to grab your free copy.

In addition, ARe http://www.allromanceebooks.com/ and OmniLit http://omnilit.com/ is offering a massive sale this weekend. This weekend, you can get 50% off all e-books using the code SBTBARe1 Happy reading!



Judy Griffith Gill said...

Hi Brenna,
I just tried to download your two free books so I could check out the series and see if I like them, but it looks like I'm to be charged over $11.00 if I let the transaction go through. What am I doing wrong?

BrennaLyons said...

The only thing you're doing wrong is that those free books were only for that one weekend. However, I have free stories from those worlds on my site every day...actually, on Smashwords and some on ARe (the rest are being loaded this week) but they all link off of my site! Happy reading!