26 June 2007

REPOST 10/21/2006 Fred Head getting his just rewards...and doesn't seem to realize it

This is what I find amazing. I really do.

As you can see in my last blog about Fred Head, he took heat for calling a lightly sensual romance book written by his opponent "porn." Of course, it didn't end there. His rants were the stuff of mudslinging legends.

Predictably, since the romance industry is highly in touch with each other (authors to authors, authors to publishers, authors to readers...), the story spread in record time, even for the internet.

The backlash on him, resulting in flooding his in-box with messages of outrage from romance writers and readers (not something I took part in, since I think I knew this man was hopeless at the beginning), was impressive. In addition to the outrage came promises that his opponent would be getting votes because of his outspoken condemnation of the romance industry and those who read/write it AND massive amounts of support for Susan Combs (his opponent).

Okay...ALL of that was to be expected. I admit it ran just about how I envisioned it would.

What surprises me? Amazes me? Amuses me? In the face of ALL of this, Fred Head still staunchly insists Ms. Comb's book is porn, makes no apologies for his views and doggedly insists that Combs is unfit for public office because of it.

Does this man have a death wish? I'm thinking one PMSing romance reader with a seratonin imbalance is going to do a lot of damage to him, when he repeats that crap in the wrong audience. Not that I am saying all romance readers are like that, but there's one in every crowd, so this sort of acid isn't exactly safe practice.

Of course, that's probably wishful thinking. After all, the ones who really deserve a kick in the balls almost never receive it. At least, that's my personal take on it.

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