26 June 2007

REPOST 5/5/2007 I've been tagged!

8 random facts/habits about me ...

1. I rarely sleep more than 41-45 hours per week, which is how I write so much.

2. I was the world's biggest tomboy. I played both football and baseball as a child, and the National Organization of Women's case against the Little League was filed on my behalf. By the time the case was decided, I was too old for Little League.

3. I am most comfortable in black clothes and jeans (or my cover t-shirts and jeans), which means I sometimes have to search for appropriate clothing to teach in. You will typically find me either barefoot or wearing boots (hiking, elf or dress boots).

4. Though most people who've met me seem to have the mistaken impression that I am in my 20s, I am almost double that. In fact, I've been with my husband for 21 years now.

5. I come from a creative family. My younger sister plays guitar, and my younger brother is an artist and graphic artist. In fact, he was one of the artists on Baldur's Gate.

6. It's a rather large family, when you take the five marriages between them that my parents have indulged in into account. At last count, I have a brother, a half-sister, three step-sisters, two step-brothers and various tag-alongs that get added to the mix. You might have guessed that I'm the oldest of the lot.

7. I've worked at everything from running a cash register/being an assistant manager of a convenience store to teaching (everything from special needs preschoolers to SPED high schoolers AND college-level statistics), tutoring, working as a civilian for both the Air Force and the Navy, accounting, data entry, tracking fraud suspects for the Air Force exchange services and even as a journalist. My original college majors were a double major or accounting and journalism. I figured out that wouldn't mesh well and dropped the journalism in favor of a computer programming certificate. During my college years, several other departments tried to get me to change majors: comp sci, education, pre-med, and biology.

8. I once incited a mutiny...by accident, but that is a story for another time. Grinning...

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