26 June 2007

REPOST 4/23/2007 Rabid/avid readers

I tend to use rabid as a positive. If they're rabid, they are salivating for the next book...pouncing on it, when it does release. So, why would I talk about this today? This is a story you HAVE to hear!

Announcement first... Wicked Women is out!

Why is that germane? Well, the publisher (Under The Moon) hadn't even made the formal announcement that Wicked Women was out...until today. That didn't stop me from getting a phone call LAST NIGHT from a friend, telling me that her husband had just come home from RavenCon with a copy of WW...HIS copy that she wasn't allowed to touch, because he was reading it. Grinning... That meant I got the "How come I don't have MY copy yet?" pout.

The answer stunned her. Because, I don't have my copies yet either. It's not the publisher is laying down on the job. Far from it. The books made it to RavenCon before they made it to me.

Now, those are some avid fans. They have the book before me and are fighting over it. Is it wrong to be gleeful that the readers act this way?

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