26 June 2007

REPOST 9/3/2006 Wearing the hat...

This is one of those things that most people don't think about...unless it applies to them personally. It came to my attention recently, due to a city mayor being blasted for taking part in a rally.

I am president of EPIC. Being president of EPIC does not preclude me being a wife, mother, teacher, citizen... In short, when I feel strongly on an issue personally...when my sense of morality demands I speak on a subject, chances are I am NOT speaking as the president of EPIC. Holding a public office does not mean that I AM that office. It doesn't mean that I always speak for that office.

Think about it? How sad would it be if holding an office meant that you abdicated your entire private life to that office?

I'm not talking getting a blow job from a woman you work with in the Oval Office here. I'm not even talking about government officials who take paychecks from businesses that benefit from their government ties. THAT is undeniably a conflict of interst. That is something to be ashamed of.

I'm talking about myself, as a person, addressing concerns I have in the greater political and social enviroment I live in, concerns that have nothing to do with being president of EPIC. I am talking about people who think that, if you represent an office, you no longer have rights to personal morality and opinions.

I think that is a lousy way to get responsible people in office. I also think there are far too many people IN office right now, not in EPIC but in greater offices, who lack personal morals that would preclude the actions they take. There's no need for one more, is there?

When I speak, I speak for ME. I speak from the heart and morals that drive me as wife, mother and professional. When I CHOOSE to speak for EPIC, you'll know it, because I'll say I am doing so. As individuals holding an office for a short time, I think that people need to remember that we are still humans with human interests outside the framework of an office. Unless I state that I am speaking for EPIC, people can take the following disclaimer to heart:

"The opinions stated do not reflect the non-profit corporation of EPIC or her board. Please consider them the IP of Brenna Lyons alone."

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