26 June 2007

REPOST 11/26/2006 What does it mean to be president?

There are days when people really amaze me with their responses. This is one of them.

Being president of an organization means that I have to oversee all facets of it, as best I can. A leader is ALWAYS responsible when something goes wrong; just ask the Navy about that one. A president is the spokesperson for the organization, and sometimes rude people get rude responses, because that's all they seem to understand. When you ask something nicely and still get rude, sometimes bringing down the size 11s is simply what needs done to accomplish the end result. A president has a responsibility to do what needs done, whether she/he likes it or not. Sometimes, that means being confrontational, when PC fails you. I'll be honest. I hate arguing as much as the next person, but you just can't avoid it some days.

So, why is it that some people want to gag the spokesperson? That some people think the president doesn't have a right to a backbone? That the president should only carry out her duty as long as it doesn't upset anyone, especially not members of the organization?

A couple of very wise guys (and I mean that both ways, some days) once told me that doing the job right means pissing some people off. Of course, you piss them off when you're doing it wrong, too. Shrug. You'll never make everyone happy. And, the heavens know, I'd never want to try to!

So, am I doing it right or doing it wrong?

Since I am discharging the duty as president, within the walls set about by the organization (upholding the bylaws, the rules set up by committees and keeping peace), I can't see that I'm doing all that badly. The committees and elected officials that are supposed to keep me in check certainly aren't complaining about how I discharge that duty. If they did, I would probably replay what I'd said for some sign that I'd gone too far.

I was elected, I am told, because I would shake things up and do things right. I guess the only way to know for certain is to see how many people vote for me again next year. Shrug.


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