26 June 2007

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8 NEW random facts/habits about me...

1. I drive the speed limit in the city, but I love cutting loose on the interstate. I won't drive a car that doesn't have the torque to get up and go, though top end speed isn't important to me. I once blew away a friend's Camero Z28 at three consecutive lights...in a mini-van, to prove to him that I could...while I was pregnant with my first child, actually.

2. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21. It wasn't that I couldn't drive. It was simply that I never had the time to do it, and I lived in a city with a huge public transportation system...and huge parking problems, so having a car wasn't important to me.

3. I have hearing problems in crowded/noisy spaces. Often, I lip-read in such a situation.

4. When I was a child, I spent three years in speech therapy, mainly to learn to say "s" and the "s" blends correctly. Maybe that's why I'm so good at working with children who are non-verbal or semi-verbal.

5. I attended Catholic schools for 16 years. I tutored in every subject, including religion, and I won the four-year award in high school for religion and theatre. I could state that I won the religion award for unconventional religious challenge, but people don't usually believe that one. I can't imagine why.

6. I spent the first year of my life in and out of hospitals. Whether or not I would survive was sometimes at issue.

7. When I do first draft of a book, I write on college-ruled paper, two lines of text to a printed line, IN INK. Second draft is me placing those scenes in order, adding and changing things between THOSE lines of text and in the margins. Few people can follow one of my second drafts.

8. I LOVE my books. Some authors never read their books again, once they publish. I do. I tend to pull out my old books and read them, over and over. It's amazing that I get anything new written sometimes.

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