26 June 2007

REPOST Circles of Friends... 6/15/2006

So, riddle me this... Why do so many people put such an emphasis on what labels their friends have...or who they will deign to be friends with, based on artificial labels?

I've seen authors with one company who refuse to consider friendship with an author of a competing company. I thought that was petty from the start.

I've seen NY published authors who snub e-published authors...though, thankfully I haven't seen many of those. Usually, they are wonderful people, thankfully...but there are always those few bad apples in any bunch.

I've seen authors with a publisher shun those who were with the publisher but no longer are.

I've seen straight genre fiction folks shun the cross-genre romance folks and romance authors shun the erotic romance and dark romance authors.

Okay... I'll be honest, this has never been my style. I'm one of those equal-opportunity types of folks. If I like someone, she's a friend. If I trust her, she's a friend. If I like her work, I'm going to buy her work, read her work...and recommend her work, no matter where the readers have to go to get it. In fact, I think I'm going to repost a few of my old blog posts from my other blog on here. You'll see what I mean in short order.

Seriously folks... There's an audience for each of us. An erotic romance author is likely not "stealing" sales from a YA romance author. In fact, the whole idea of anyone stealing sales is a little laughable. The readers choose who and what they want to read. Enough said.

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