31 August 2007

The moments that matter...

There are days that stick in your memory. Some authors talk about the day the book was accepted or the moment the author held the first print copy in hand. Who knows why one moment makes all the others fade away? Who knows why other books have been like that for me...highlights and hazy memories of the rest?

FAIRY DREAMS has never been like that for me. The moments are crisp, clear...not blending together much at all.

I remember the moment the idea struck me, sitting there, listening to
Master Efenwealt's song "Perhaps A Dream," the final words echoing in my mind. "Will they come again?" I listened to the song several times in succession then started writing, the idea of fairies watching over the women of the Blake family firmly ensconced in my fevered mind.

I remember days and nights of the muse riding me hard on the story and coming up for air 2 months later with a stunning 164,000 words of book, 20K of which would later be removed as back-story and would ultimately become the backbone of a prequel novella. Even at the moment I typed the last word into the computer, I had the idea of the second book in the series.

I remember the querying, the rejections, the acceptance, edits, cover art... A long, hard road but every moment worth it.

Every moment with this book is precious to me. Every new development is a treasure.

Rowan West once told me that the ones that count, the ones that are going to be big for us, are like this. We instinctively know what works best, and our focus on it is so extreme, it's capable of evoking emotion and thoughts no other work does. As far as FAIRY DREAMS is concerned, I'd have to say she's right.

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