18 August 2007

What the FRACK is going on with...

Okay... Maybe it's not QUITE being asked that way, but I'm getting a lot of questions about what's going on with Night Warriors, Renegades and Kegin? When are they coming again and starting new books flowing? Where are they coming out? In all fairness, I'm going to give you every scrap of information I have to give!

Renegades has an answer you might enjoy, actually. TYGERS and Renegade's Run have been signed to Under The Moon/Final Sword Productions. They'll be releasing late winter/early spring in an 8.5X11 illustrated collector's edition, and at least TYGERS will be available for me to sign at RT 2008. I'm hoping both will be. The books are going through a cleaning edit right now, in preparation for this re-issue. Obviously, the future Renegades books will release with UTM/FSP, as they ready for publication. Alpha House will be coming next, from that series...then Flashpoint.

As you know, Kegin has been split. I've offered the historical/legendary Kegins to Phaze. In fact, the first two offerings are there already: The Last of Fion's Daughters (containing Fion's Daughter, Dishonored, A Slave's Life and Schente Night) and Conquest. Other titles I'm working on for the historical/legendary Kegins include The Gods' War, The Taming of Veltina and The Legend of Peak Chol.

The contemporary and near-futuristic Kegins are still seeking a possible NY market. I'm sure you all know how swamped the NY editors are, especially those spearheading the lines Kegin is appropriate for. For that reason, I've taken a few steps to try and get there.

The first you know about already. I've submitted a short from the Kielan world (also a Council of Worlds offering) to Harlequin Spice with the enticement of the other Council of Worlds for the main Spice line. No word on that, but as I said, the editors are swamped, and your turn in line comes when it does. Submissions is a waiting game.

The other thing I've done is something I haven't done since 2001 (the days when I had only Prophecy and Fairy Dreams to offer and no fiction resume to recommend me). I've queried an agent. The good news is that I have 6 years of prolific fiction writing resume to recommend me now. The bad news is that the fact that Kegin started in indie/e, and I'm actually looking to place those first few books with the rest, may work against me...at least slightly. Even if I do sign the series to an agent and then a NY publisher, it's going to take a long time to see print, but if that's the cost, I'll live with it. I just wish I didn't have to ask the readers to wait with me.

Night Warriors has a similar story. There are a couple of beast shorts/novelettes out there or releasing soon.Forbidden Love: Bad Boys from Under The Moon/Final Sword Productions includes "Playing Games I&II," and "Becoming a God" will be releasing from Mundania Press, LLC. sometime this fall or winter.

In the meantime, the series is searching for a NY market home. It's currently included in the agent query, and fingers are crossed, though it has the same pros and cons in the marketplace that Kegin has.

In the meantime, people who like Kegin, Night Warriors and Renegades are probably going to adore ONCE UPON A TIME, YESTERDAY, an anthology of urban fantasy erotic romance, written by myself and Gregory L. Norris. It should be releasing in an 8.5X11 illustrated collector's edition from Under The Moon in October. It's in edits, as we speak.

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