21 August 2007

NEWS, news and more NEWS!

There's a lot going on, so let me recap as best I can.

I just learned that THE LAST OF FION'S DAUGHTERS is coming to print with Phaze in Feb of 2008! Since this was a reprint, I didn't realize it was going to print, but it is. Can't wait for that!

I have a release date for FORBIDDEN LOVE: SACRED BANDS. It seems the official release date is September 6th from UTM. The slight hold-up was caused by art delays, and if you've ever seen the B&W internal art UTM uses, you know it's worth the wait.

Greg is nearly done with the last bit of our joint book, ONCE UPON A TIME, YESTERDAY, releasing in Oct/Nov from UTM.

And, last but not least, I've entered The Brava Authors Novella Contest with a new novella of mine entitled MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.

It's been a huge week for me.

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