26 August 2007

Update on my NEWS post...since someone asked...

Actually, I have 2 September releases...a total of 7 more releases, to my knowledge, by Jan 1, though there may be as many as 10 in that time frame. I'd be glad to pass along information, as I get it.

On presale now...

Fairy Dreams, the first of my dan Aidan fairy books, is on pre-release from Mundania Press, LLC. This book is releasing in both e-book and trade paperback. It's dark fantasy sensual romance.

Mollie has impossible hopes and dreams. When one of her dreams comes true in the form of Cadal, she wonders what else is possible. Are her dreams of fairies as real as her dreams of Cadal? Is she losing her mind or learning her destiny?

Cadal came to the Blake estate to fulfill a promise as quickly as he can. Guiding Mollie until she learns to run her estate sounds like a simple task to Cadal -- until Mollie looks in his eyes for the first time. He wants her in a way he hasn’t wanted a woman since Xanthe. If only she wasn’t human…

In September...

6th- Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands will be releasing from Under The Moon/Final Sword Productions (the site is being rebuilt at the moment). This is an anthology of dark erotic romance stories in a variety of genres...all M/M, my first M/M writing, to be precise. The cover authors for this issue (the top 3 stories of the usual 9-12 in an issue) are myself, Gregory L. Norris and Claudia Christian. This book is offered in an 8.5X11, illustrated collectors' edition and usually sells for about $16-18 or so. My release in this collection is "The Master's Lover" from my Star Mages world.

Thebes, 4th C BC... The elite fighting force, inspired by Plato's Symposium, consists of 150 homosexual couples, the fiercest force of their day. Forbidden Love, 21st C AD... In deference to the Sacred Bands of the Thebes elite, this collection is all M/M couples, facing darkness and danger as a working team.

27th- Phaze in Verse will be releasing from Phaze. This is an anthology of sensual and erotic poetry. It will be released in both e-book and a print version. I don't have the price on it yet. I have three poems in this book.

In Oct/Nov...

?- Once Upon A Time, Yesterday will be releasing from UTM/FSP. This anthology is by Gregory L. Norris and myself only. It's 8 stories (three of them my novellas or novelettes), based on the old, unsanitized Grimm's tales, 135K of urban fantasy dark erotic romance. All updated, gritty and bloody, as the Brothers Grimm would have written them, had they penned their tales today. It's the same 8.5X11, illustrated collectors' edition that Forbidden Love releases in.

Once upon a time, the Brothers Grimm penned a book of morality tales. They weren't the sanitized fairy tales of the 20th Century, and if they were recited to a child, late at night, it was in an effort to scare him straight. But, it's the 21st Century, and it's time to take the magic and mayhem back. Loosely based on Grimms, this is an urban fantasy offering you don't want to miss.

releasing in ?- Written In The Stars will be releasing from Mundania Press, LLC. This is another offering (a category-length novel) in my Star Mages world. It will be released in both e-book and trade paperback.

Orphaned. Cast out as a demon, denied her training. Salvation had a price. Riena would rather run than be forced to marry Karris. If she fails, it means death for her brother and herself. If she succeeds, she’ll lose Caiben’s love.

Caiben is everything Riena’s ever wanted in a man. He’s her rescuer, her teacher, gentle and caring, nothing like Karris. He’s also a powerful mage with a royal guard.

Neither of them is what they seem. If Caiben learns Riena is female, she’ll find herself in Karris’ hands. If Riena learns Caiben’s secrets, there is much more at stake.


?- Forbidden Love: Love's Bitch will be releasing from UTM/FSP. Like all the Forbidden Love anthologies, it will be the collectors' edition and will contain 9-12 great stories from some of the best I've worked with. My story for this collection, if it's accepted, is "Close Enough To Human," the Xxan universe, which is new to my readers.

?- The Color of Love will be releasing from Phaze. This is one of my favorite little Christmas stories, a novelette of mine about second chances in love.

It's been a year since Michael Justice broke Grace's heart. She's moved on: a new and annoyingly-perfect boyfriend, her thriving art gallery and almost no regrets. But, now Michael is back in town, a spoiled artist who always gets what he wants...except Grace back, she vows. If only there weren't a magical mood ring telling Grace what she doesn't want to hear, mainly that her perfect Michael-free existence isn't so perfect...and not at all what she really wants.

In addition, Mundania should be releasing some short stories of mine (straight genre fiction), starting sometime this fall. These stories will be released in e-book only and include:

A Wasted Mind- horror- Imagine a modern-day Frankenstein story, and you've got the general idea.

Birthright- dark fantasy- Want the true story of the connection between Van Helsing and Dracula? This is my version of it.

Becoming A God- dark fantasy/sensual content- From my Night Warriors Beast stories... Being a beast (vampire) doesn't have to be all bad. Some days, it's good to be a god.

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