02 August 2007

Sneak preview of art!

Time for sneak previews of art! Always my favorite day of the month, more or less. Okay, in all honesty, release days beat it, but not much else does. So, what sneak previews do we have today?

Let's start with my black and white internal art for "The Master's Lover" in Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands, releasing this month from Under The Moon. This art was created by the fabulous Anne Cain!

Next, the cover of the new and improved Collected Writings of Brenna Lyons: Poetry Book One, now available for sale in e-book from Lulu.com and print from CafePress. See the purchase page on my site for details on all books up for sale.

Last but not least, the cover of Phaze in Verse, releasing September 27th from Phaze. This cover is courtesy of the stellar Alessia Brio. Give this lady a hand.

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