12 August 2007


A little bit of background...

FAIRY DREAMS was the second book I ever wrote. I've been waiting 6 years for it to release. Today, it went up for pre-sale at Mundania Press, LLC. You can be among the first to purchase it at this link!

Blurb for FAIRY DREAMS--
Mollie has impossible hopes and dreams. When one of her dreams comes
true in the form of Cadal, she wonders what else is possible. Are her dreams of fairies as real as her dreams of Cadal? Is she losing her mind or learning her destiny?

Cadal came to the Blake estate to fulfill a promise as quickly as he can. Guiding Mollie until she learns to run her estate sounds like a simple task to Cadal -- until Mollie looks in his eyes for the first time. He wants her in a way he hasn't wanted a woman since Xanthe. If only she wasn't human…

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