14 August 2007

REVIEW for The Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon
St. Martin's Press
Aug 2007
Hard Bound Edition
ISBN 978-0-312-36950-7

This is officially a Dark Hunter book, though it becomes apparent that this one includes all manner of strange bedfellows, from Dream Hunters and Dark Hunters through warring gods, Daimons and humans frozen in time, surprisingly working together. The only major breed I don't remember seeing in the book were the Were Hunters.

Take Sin, the ancient Sumerian god of the moon, calendar and fertility, now masquerading as a Dark Hunter, stripped of almost all of his god-powers by the ever-popular Artemis. Add in Katra, the daughter Artemis doesn't want to admit to having. She's a sarcastic, nearly-all-powerful goddess in her own right, now traded to Artemis's arch enemy, the Atlantean goddess Apollymi. Toss in the coming end of the world, in the form of the Sumerian Kerir, brought on by the escaping gallu demons and their big-bad sister demons, the Dimme. Now toss in the fact that Kat was originally sent to kill Sin, that Sin has almost no chance of stopping the apocalypse without his god-powers and that Artemis is being her usual selfish...self. That about covers the basics.

Set in "Sin city," literally... I do adore Sherrilyn's sense of humor. This book is about betrayal and trust and sets us up for Ash's coming book. In many ways, it's another bridge book in the series, and it will make a lot more sense, if you've read what comes before it, but it's a great story, in its own right. There are a lot of characters you've met before, both mentioned and met in The Devil May Cry, and if you haven't read previous installments, you might get lost in the who-is factor.

Overall, a keeper like all the rest and, while not my favorite, one that will send you through a roller coaster of emotion, which I always love about Sherrilyn's books. It did pose some questions it didn't answer. It did introduce one quirk to the commonly-held world that I don't feel was explained, but who knows? Maybe it will be in the next book. Or, maybe Sherrilyn will show mercy on me and tell me why it happened and not tease me with "We'll see."

Highly recommended for anyone following the universe. Highly suggested that you don't START with this book.

Brenna Lyons

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