22 August 2007

RT PREP...indie/e please read


It's time to start planning for RT 2008. I have to have the panels set by the end of the week. I'll be inviting non-EPIC members from indie/e, as well, but I want the bulk of the last two panels to be EPIC members.

Just a little information, the panels I'm looking for people to sit are...

e-book Law- specifically contract red flags and contract concerns, release clauses, Millennium, copyright and trademark concerns...both in the book and on the web site or other online promo.


e-marketing- specifically what will shoot you in the career foot, netiquette, etc. as well as doing it yourself. In short we don't want to know how to hire someone else to do the work for you. We want to show how easy it can be to do it for yourself and do it right.

Even if you don't get chosen for a panel, we'll be doing handouts to panel attendees that you can get promo in, on both of these subjucts PLUS the two classes we're offering on choosing an indie/e publisher and submitting to them.

In addition, I'll be coordinating promo for the indie/e authors attending both signings (not that you can't do your own, of course, but this will be a little something extra), so even if you don't want to do panels, sign up for this list, if you'll be there. Publishers and authors, please pass this information along to your attending authors and editors.


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